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Summer eBook Sale – Crime Fiction

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Summer eBook Sale Crime Fiction

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A June of Ordinary Murders by Conor Brady

‘This crime debut delivers with surprising panache, and by the time of its cliff-hanger conclusion the reader will be absorbed by the ride and eager for more.’ – Irish Independent

Dublin, June 1887: the mutilated bodies of a man and a child are discovered in Phoenix Park and Detective Sergeant Joe Swallow steps up to investigate. Cynical and tired, Swallow is a man living on past successes in need of a win.

In the background, the city is sweltering in a long summer heatwave, a potential gangland war is simmering as the chief lieutenants of a dying crime boss size each other up and the castle administration want the celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden jubilee to pass off without complication. Underneath it all, the growing threat of anti-British radicals is never far away. When the evidence suggests high-level involvement, and as the body count increases, Swallow must navigate the waters of foolish superiors, political directives and frayed tempers to investigate the crime, find the true murderer and deliver justice.

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 The Eloquence of the Dead by Conor Brady ‘Brady packs in so much into this novel that it is hard to do it all justice – and not also give away some of the wonderful twists and turns.’ –  Irish Independent 

When a Dublin Pawnbroker is found murdered and the lead suspect goes missing, Sergeant Joe Swallow is handed the poisoned chalice of the investigation. With authorities pressing for a quick resolution, the public living in fear of attack and the newspapers happy to point to the police’s every mistake, Swallow must use every trick in his arsenal to crack the case.

On the way he uncovers deep-rooted corruption, discovers the power of new, scientific detection techniques and encounters a ruthless adversary.

Following leads from Trim to the Tower of London, The Eloquence of the Dead is the second of the Joe Swallow books and is a fast-paced and gripping crime thriller from the pen of a truly talented writer.

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The Dead Eight by Carlo Gebler

‘Gébler is an overlooked novelist. The Dead Eight is one of the truest, least flashy, most human novels I have read for a long time.’ – The Telegraph 

‘a book so rich in characterisation, so expertly paced and so well-written that it works equally well as absorbing social history and page-turning thriller.’ – Irish Independent 

On a wet November morning in 1940, Harry Gleeson discovered the body of Moll McCarthy in a field near the village of New Inn, Co. Tipperary. She had been shot twice with a shotgun, once in the face…

In tracing Moll’s journey to this tragic end, Carlo Gébler’s novel – which is based on the real story – explores how the local police fabricated their case against Harry Gleeson, and why an entire community looked away as the Irish judicial system prosecuted, convicted and condemned to death an innocent man.

Gleeson was hanged in Mountjoy prison in April 1941.

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Once in Another World by Brendan John Sweeney

‘This book is a blend of mystery, love story and thriller complete with killings, pursuit and betrayal.’

The Irish Times

Dublin, March 1937. Holland, an idealistic young IRA recruit, is offered a strange assignment. He is told to guard and spy on a sinister Hungarian businessman and Sabine his secretary – a Jewish refugee.

The mission tests Holland’s loyalties and his idealism to the utmost and ends with a sordid shooting match in a field in England. Holland finds himself fleeing with Sabine into the depths of the Irish countryside, where treacherous swamps and dense woods protect them from their pursuers. An intense love affair between two young people from vastly different worlds suddenly becomes possible.

But Holland’s closest friend in the Movement knows his mind too well, and seeks him out, leading to a confrontation as fateful and tragic as any Irish myth.

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Irregulars by Kevin McCarthy

‘It doesn‘t matter if you don‘t have a strong interest in Irish history McCarthy writes such an involving, oft-times harsh story that lack of knowledge neither intrudes nor undermines the enjoyment…No pretty pictures are painted and Irregulars is all the better for it.’ – The Sunday Times

Dublin, 1922, as civil war sets brother against brother and Free State and Republican death squads stalk the streets and back lanes of Dublin, demobbed RIC-man, Sean O’Keefe, takes a break from life as a whiskey-soaked waster to search for the missing son of one of Monto’s most powerful brothel owners.

Hired to find the boy amid the tumult and terror of a country at war with itself O’Keefe soon finds that the story is not as simple as it first seemed and that the truth can be hard to pin down.

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The Hijacking of Cassie Peters ‘I became so deeply immersed in the lives of Stanley’s characters, that I felt shut off, for a while, from the real world…I loved it for its measured, many layered writing, for its mesmerising characters, but mostly for its thoughtful wisdom. This shows Stanley at her very best.’ – Books Ireland

Abandoned by their mother at a young age the Peters sisters, Aly, Mer and Cassie, have formed a tight bond in their new home in Germany with their father.

When the eldest, Aly, moves away from home for college they slowly grow apart and Cassie, the youngest sister, decides it is time to track down their long-lost mother. The decision begins a sequence of tragic events that will change the lives of all of them.

Set between Ireland and Europe in the 1970′s and 80′s, The Hijacking Of Cassie Peters is a story of love, tragedy and hope.

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